Step outside your comfort zone.

Stepping out of the comfort zone or overcoming fear is the same thing, just a different expression. To be stuck in day-to-day life and living a routine is easy. Holding on to the safe path and fearing change is like going through life wearing a safety jacket. If we decide to live our lives in a comfort zone, we miss the chance of living the real life.

“Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear, not absence of fear.”
[Mark Twain]

Taking risky challenges helps us grow. Now is the time for changes, tomorrow can be too late, and we could end up full of regret for the rest of our lives. We sometimes hit the wall by coming to the point where we can accept the challenge or walk away from it. What would it be?

We don’t have to be afraid of trying new things. It can be pretty liberating to overcome the fear of something actually. It’s not worth sticking only to the things we can do and to things that are familiar to us.  Why not just start with a short question “Why not?”, followed by a simple answer, a slogan from Nike: “Just do it!”. We need to look fear in the eyes and master it.

The thing is, we don’t fear to do something, we are afraid of failing, of what could happen, of what could go wrong or even of success. We are fearful of raising if we fall. If we say we are afraid of height, we actually don’t fear height itself, we are scared of falling down. I know it can be pretty scary, just the thought of it brings fear into our bones. We need to be aware of the fact, that some of the best things in our life happen when we go over ourselves and make a step out of the comfort zone. We do fear the unknown. News flash, we never have all the answers, and we can never foresee every possible outcome. The fear itself can be only as big as we let it be.

Photo: Iva Kjaer Photography

Close your eyes for a second and try to imagine what are the things that are worth trying, but you are not brave enough to try them. Start with the small things, just to get a taste of liberation and to get comfortable in discomfort. It doesn’t matter if you don’t succeed the first time. Try it again and again for so long that it starts feeling natural to you. Don’t be disappointed if it goes wrong, take it as a lesson you have to learn or an answer you had to get in addition to go further. Practice being better at doing what you’re not comfortable doing. Be courageous and confident and own the fear.

“Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive.”
[Elbert Hubbard]

Never the less, don’t forget to ask yourself why. Why do you wish to do it? Why is this situation causing you stress? By finding an answer to those questions, the fear will start fading step by step, and you’ll get more comfortable crawling out of your safety balloon. Make your life simple. If you want to do something – do it; if you want to say something – say it. Be true to yourself and dare to make changes in your life.

Simple advice I’m giving you is, laugh a lot and be happy. Don’t take mastering fear as a serious task. Have fun doing it, it’s just a challenge you gave to yourself. Surround yourself with positive people who motivate you.  And don’t forget to believe in yourself. You can do it, I believe in you.


Stay inspired.


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